Hello, I'm Elikem (Junior) Medehou 👋

Hello, I'm Elikem (Junior) Medehou 👋

Software Engineer | GDSC Lead of Epitech Benin

20-year old, 3rd-year student at Epitech Benin and building interesting projects in various fields. I help people around me by sharing useful content, contributing to OSS and hosting events and workshops.
I have a great interest for everything related to how people interact with money online. So I spend most of my time working an reading about fintech, crytocurrency, creator economy and ecommerce mostly in Africa.
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Currently learning about Next.js, Web3 and backend architecture
Current: Looking for a full stack developer/product design internship opportunity

💫 My Goal


🚀 What I Do

💻 Building Products

To think and try to build products that will be useful to humanity. My main focus is around Fintech, e-commerce and everything which lead to interact with money or earn it online

✉️ Mentoring

I help people by hosting events such as codelabs, workshops and talks in various fields

🚀 Content Creation

I tweet high-quality content both in french and English so you can take benefit of them both on LinkedIn and Twitter.

🧭 Collab

I work with various companies, startups or individuals to develop effective and efficient solutions.

👪 Community Building

I consider that tech develops better when you are in a group and when the sharing of information is effective.

🔎 Open Source Contribution

I enjoy open-source because it helps me help people by collaborating with them or providing solutions to the issues they face.

💻 Projects

A more complete description of the projects I worked on is below...

✍️ My Blogs


English (Coming Soon)

📨 Contact

Have a product? Let's make it popular. Have opportunities for me? Let's discuss. Is there any way for me to help? lemme know.